Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Conservative or not...too cute;)

Ava had trouble going to bed tonight. She's so flippin' adorable it's hard to get mad at her. She comes up with the CUTEST excuses for being out of bed; "I just wanted to tell you that I turned my night light on; we forgot at bedtime and I don't want you to worry about me."

When she came out of her room for the third time tonight I was just about to put on my angry voice and threaten a consequence when she noticed the TV and said, "Hey, that looks like the Prisoner of the United States, right?" I barely contained my laugh and told her, "He probably feels like a prisoner sometimes, but he's called the President of the United States, remember?." She replied, "Oh, Right! The Present to the United States, like I get presents for Christmas." I may be a Conservative, but such a statement is way to cute too correct. He is still at the beginning of his term, I pray he does turn out to be a present to the United States.:)


  1. though I wouldn't call him a present either that is just too cute!

  2. So funny! How does she come up with this stuff? :-) That is definitely a story to keep and remember!