Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Christian can understand all that we say, that's been clear for a bit, but most of his speaking has been repeating up until now.  He does have single words and knows everyone's names, etc.  Tonight he shocked us.  Marc said, "How was your day buddy?" and he replied, "I had a good day."  Well okay, then Smarty Pants;)  Stopped us in our tracks and blessed our hearts.


  1. awesome!! ANd can I say I DIED watching that video- he already knows how to blame a sibling- important stuff!!!

  2. Advent is one of my favorite weeks of the year here at Confessions. :) Lovin' that while so much is new, so much remains the same; lovin' that this guy is here to experience and share it all (even the dreaded overflowing toilet); lovin' that you've got family nearby to simply be there. Still, loving and missing you everyday...