Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Advent Day #3

God loves a good story.  The bible is filled with stories and Jesus often used stories called parables to help people understand what he wanted them to learn.  Today we will get out all of our Christmas books.  They each have a special message to teach us.  Read away kiddos but remember to not miss the important message each book gives us!!

The kids were thrilled, Ava and Phin immediately when to work to find their favorites.

Chloe immediately found a book with a pink spine, as she started to pull it out, I was thinking, "What book is that?  I don't remember a pink Christmas book."  Woops, looks like I accidentally packed away a non Christmas book last year, Ava was thrilled she's apparently been looking for this one.  Chloe keeps saying, "This is my favorite Christmas book!"  Ava and Phin find it hysterical that she doesn't seem to be getting that "THIS ISN'T a Christmas book- mommy screwed up!"  LOL

Kiddos with their morning choices...

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