Thursday, December 5, 2013

Advent Day 5

12/5/13- Jesus wasn’t just born to live a perfect life.  He was born to die, to take our sin upon it and pay for it fully, to die and pay the penalty for sin, but to rise again and offer us all eternal life.  He doesn’t just ignore our sin; he washes us white as snow.  Today we will take a Christmas bath and celebrate his death and resurrection that have allowed us to now be clean before the Father.

I totally forgot until TODAY that I had to toss our bath nativity ducks last year cuz that got grimy...oops!  Thankfully, I had purchased these magic towels at Joann's on a whim a few weeks ago:)  And I still have my Christmas bath confetti;)

and this year I got them new puppy dog Christmas PJ's

This bath confetti is fun, but it also smells SCRUMPTIOUS;)

The magic towel thing was AMAZING to Christian.

The girls were full of sillies.

I know!  They are the cutest;)

In other I switched our sensory table over to be "christmasy".  It is so fun!  I wish I'd done it in previous years!  Thank you, Pinterest;)

And lest you think this was a good day, let me tell you these pictures only show the redeeming moments.  I had a TOUGH afternoon.  I was in the kitchen cleaning up lunch and the kids were down stairs jumping on couch cushions (yes, this is a favorite winter activity).  Chloe ran up to tell me Phin peed on the bathroom floor because he didn't get there soon enough.  I gave her paper towels and clothes for Phin and was getting cleaner.  She ran back up stairs screaming there was an emergency, but she was laughing, so I didn't REALLY think it was an emergency.  I thought I'd find something funny so I grabbed the camera...turns out joke was one me;) 

 Christian flushed the paper towel (VIVA no less!) down the toilet and it was overflowing everywhere.  It was clogged and kept running and running.  Oh My!  I shut off the water but even with a plunger couldn't unclog the toilet....a headache, mess and phone call later, the plumber will be here at 8:30am tomorrow.  Then, as I am carrying wet towels and pee clothes to throw in the washer I notice the toy area is EMPTY and ALL the toys are in a HUGE pile on top of the couch cushions.  I cannot even describe the insanity of this mess.  It took Phin and Chloe three hours to put everything away properly.  I did not help them at all. Chloe missed a birthday party.  My sister came to watch Phin and Chloe during said party as I had asked her to.  I wanted to send her home and was apologetic for the sudden change in plans.  She kindly and wisely said, "I am here, they are picking up and Christian is sleeping.  You look like you could use a break.  Why don't you leave for an hour or so."  She didn't have to tell me twice...I returned an hour late with my sanity restored and day ended up fine.  THANK GOD for sisters.

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