Friday, December 6, 2013

Advent Day 6

12/6/13-Today is December 6.   It is Saint Nicholas Day.  Today we will learn about who Saint Nicholas really is and then we will learn from his example and use our blessings to give to others who have need it.

We read the Legend of Saint Nicholas 
and after school we are watching 

But what we are doing giving wise is a secret.  I so wish I could tell cuz it's one of my favorite nights of the season, but Saint Nicholas did things in secret so the glory went solely to God and we will too, but I am thankful my kids get a practical chance to learn it really IS a blessing to GIVE.

Here are was the conversation after learning about Saint Nicholas:

Me:  Okay, guys so tell me what you learned.  Who is Saint Nicholas?
Chloe: Santa Claus!
Phin:  He is a guy that used to give things to people that really need them, but he did it at night when it was a secret.  Like if you really needed a cooking pot cuz you didn't have one, when you woke up in the morning maybe he'd put it in your kitchen or if our Christmas tree didn't have a star, I bet he'd give us one.
Ava:  He lived in Turkey and his parents died and he decided to do good things with his money.

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