Thursday, December 5, 2013

Advent Day 4-

12/4/13- Today we will honor our World Vision children.  We have so much and God has blessed us with Mlungeli, Sikhengili, and Nouridine.  Let’s tell them how much we love them and got to Target so we can send them some Christmas treats.
Each of our kids has their "own" World Vision child that shares their birthday.  Christian will be getting his match at Christmas.
It was Ava's day to open the's so crazy having a reader now...she whips through the description and then explains to the kids what we will do based on past years;)

Notice the Whoopie Cushions Phin HAD to the end Marc and I weren't sure how they'd be received culturally so we nixed including them.  Phin was sure our decision was going to ruin Nouridine's Christmas;)

I LOVE that Chloe totally got it this year and colored a nice picture for Sikengele.  It was awesome. She dictated a letter to me and included details about her new brother.  She dictated a pretty good letter!

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