Thursday, December 26, 2013



Gotta start the day, right?!

We finished our Advent Book.

Then we opened the most precious gift first, baby Jesus 

And we put him in our manger...which was decently full of hay (though I think with four kids it was a bit easier to fill)

Our family with our Precious Baby Jesus...just a small symbol of how Precious the Lord is to us.

The we opened our gifts, symbolizing Gold, Frankincense, and myrrh.
Frankincense was use in worship, so these gifts are things we hope will help them grow in worship.
Myrrh has many uses.  It was used for embalming, so it symbolized that he came to die, but it also had many used for the body as salve, etc.  This is a gift for the body.
Gold is precious.  It is a gift that is precious to him. 

The kids with their Frankincense gifts.

This year for the body, I decided to go with gifts that help them keep their body active.  Phin, Christian, and Chloe got Bilibo's and Ava got an indoor pogo stick.

For his Myrrh gift, Babbo got new PJ's that Phin picked out;)  He was such a good sport;)

Gold gifts- 
Chloe got a Ballet box.  She is getting Ballet lessons, so it had a sign indicating this with new ballet slippers, tights, and a leotard.  I also threw in a Barbie and a Pink Shoes Barbie doll, so she had something to play with.

Phin got an activity box- with small "active toys" to keep him busy this winter- a stomp rocket, a balance board, an indoor pogo stick, catapolts, and a pumching bag.

Ava got an American Girl Gymanstics set.

Christian got a Plasma Car.

Our Christmas dinner table.  I had much fun doing Christmas dinner.  We had Beef Tenderloin with Mushroom Ragout, Honey Almond Green Beans, Sweet potatoes, Strawberry Romaine Salad, and Popovers.

We had Birthday Cake for Jesus (along with Pies for dessert).

What a reason to celebrate.  Emmanuel- God with us!

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