Sunday, December 8, 2013

Advent Day 8

Our God is a creative God!  Look at how many different trees and flowers and animals he has made.  He gifted all of us with creativity too because we are made in his image!  Let’s exercise our creativity!  Let’s make Gingerbread houses together!

When the kids read today's activities they all began cheering.  I didn't realize how much they LOVE building gingerbread houses.  We told them they had to wait until after nap time for the activity but they spent lunch talking about what we built last year and what we used to build it.  I love hearing their memories.

This year, I knew Christian's attention span would limit us and I want him to be involved in everything and be able to have fun too so I bought pre-assembled gingerbread houses to decorate.  Traditionally have our time is spent figuring out how to get our houses, cars, etc. to stay together, this year, we just played with frosting and candy.  We had a girls team and a boys team;)

 Blank Gingerbread "slates"...waiting to be painted with our silliness and joy

The girls wanted a "double door like at our old house"

 Chloe was very into it this year and picked out the perfect door knobs right away.

All the kids got a kick out of putting on the icing with a piping bag...I'm guessing next weeks cookie day is going to thrill them to pieces.

Christian needed some help getting the candy and marshmallows on the house instead of in his mouth:)

Ava's stained glass window;)

 Our finished "wasn't a contest" but between you and me, the girls totally won, right?;)

The boys used a ton of icing.

Since the girls had a ton of icing left, I decided to show the kids what else one can do with a piping bag;) 

It was a beautiful snowy, Sabbath day...8 days into Advent and we are excited for the many more than lie ahead.

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