Sunday, December 15, 2013

Advent Day 14- part two

Cooking baking was more than enough activity for today, but we had this beautiful snow and weather right around 32.  It was PERFECT for snow play.  We couldn't resist.  Christian therefore, had TWO firsts today.  Not only did he get to eat cookie dough make cut out cookies, he got to play in the snow for the first time and build a snow man!  Winter is lovely when experienced with littles;)

Initially little man stood like a statue on the step trying to figure out what his snowsuit was, how to walk in his boots, and if the snow was a good thing.

Papa came to help him navigate the white expanse.

He sort of got the hang of it;)

And quickly got into the snowman making.  He, of course, didn't initially have any idea what they were doing, but he loves to copycat and join in any fun;)

He just copied whatever Papa was doing:)

Our 2013 snowman has arrived;)  

Marc and I went inside when the snowman was done, but Christian wanted to stay outside with the rest of the kiddos;)

until he got stuck;) and was yelling for us to help:)

No fear, Superpapa to the rescue.

Snowsuits came in handy for multiple reasons;)

You'd think the day couldn't be any better, but we also had our FIRST night out since Christian came home.  My parents watched the kiddos.  Christian went to bed without a hitch for them.  It was such a blessing.

I am beyond exhausted, but can't stop smiling.  It was just the perfect day.

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