Thursday, December 26, 2013

Advent Day 24

12/24/13-  Tomorrow is Christmas!  The LIGHT OF THE WORLD IS COMING.  Tonight let’s remember that the world is dark without him.  Let’s eat dinner by candlelight and let’s sleep under just the light of the Christmas tree, let’s wait and watch…TOMORROW IS JESUS BIRTHDAY!

My inlaws arrived earlier in the day and we were able to go to church together.

Then home for Candlelight dinner....I made one of our favorite soups.  (Seriously, it is AMAZING:)

The kid means business when it comes to getting very last drop;)

We had to turn on the lights to introduce Grammy and Babbo to Jack Frost's Not Lost

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Christian's very first stocking!!!!




It was fun...though I have to confess, the kids were so wired for our super fun Christmas Eve service and s'more than by 9:30 they still were not even hinting at falling asleep so we had to pull the plug and send them to their beds so they could get some sleep;)

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