Monday, December 2, 2013

Advent Day Two

Haiti Day.  Remember last year when we had Christian’s Jammies and were praying for the day he would finally be home to fill them?!  He’s here!  Our baby has arrived!!  What is Christmas like in Haiti?  Today we will learn how they celebrate in Haiti.  We will eat some Haitian food and add Haitian decorations to our tree and home. 

Plans always have to be flexible during advent.  I didn't get my Haitian cooking done today, was too busy catching up on chores left neglected Thanksgiving week and chasing after Christian;)  Instead we went out to dinner and learned about Haiti...;)  I also forgot to take pictures of the kids hanging these ornament, so I'll have to settle for the finished décor;)  (All the beautiful items I purchased through The Apparent Project.)

The cross made of circles is made from recycled cereal boxes, the metal crosses are made from old oil drums.

Again...the star is made from beads made from recycled cereal boxes...<3 p="">

The white ball is from paper and I love this because you can clearly see the Christian hangs all his ornaments on the same few branches, we have quite a few clusters accumulating;)

Nativities are a huge part of Christmas in Haiti and we were fortunate enough to be able to purchase this one through the Apparent Project.  I adore it;) 


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