Monday, December 2, 2013

Advent Day One

 It’s Advent!  Advent means “the coming that is awaited”.  The Jewish people waited a long time for their Savior to come.  Jesus was born on Christmas and the waiting was OVER!  Their savior had arrived!  It wasn’t just THEIR Savior but the Savior for all mankind!  On Christmas we celebrate Jesus’ birthday, and as we wait for that special day, we can remember what it was like to wait for him time and be reminded that we are currently waiting for him to come again!  Today is the FIRST day of Advent.  Every day we will do something special in anticipation of the arrival of Jesus’ birthday.  Today we will set up our Christmas tree, get out our nativity set, start our Advent Book, AND set out our manger!  What a day!  Remember all month when Mommy or Papa catches you doing something that honors God; we will give you straw to put in the manger.  The straw is a symbol of preparing our hearts for God.  Are we welcoming of Jesus and aware of him throughout the day or are we too busy like most of the people in Bethlehem that day?
 The kids were VERY excited.  Perhaps a bit TOO excited this year.  We put lights on the outside of the house for the first time this year and that tipped them over the top of any reason.  Attempting to do the tree the same day, was bit less peaceful and picture perfect than I imagined;)  But hey, the kids had fun and all of our ornaments are meaningful, so it's a special experience even if it's a crazy one.

Christian got to put the first ornament on this year...I found it quite fitting that the one he chose is an Russian ornament we received last year in honor of our friends adopted son;)

My cardinal;)  I bought this last year to remember the cardinal who was attacking our house for a solid year...I actually miss the menacing fellow;)

Ava found one of my piano ornaments most thrilling as she is becoming our blossoming pianist this year.

Phinny got excited about Disney ornaments...Toy Story topped his list;)

Chloe was AMAZED by her first Christmas ornament...she was just tickled.

Our manger....Oh Lord, please let it be filled with Hay on Christmas Day.

I love that Ava is still as excited by our Little People Nativity set this year as she was six years ago when we first received's so precious to see them endlessly acting out the Christmas story.

 Christian got the honor of opening door number one this year...we'll see how long it takes him to relax while reading it and quite trying to open the next day's door;)
It's the most wonderful time of the year...seeing it anew through the eyes of Christian should be fun;)

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