Monday, December 3, 2012

Advent is here!

Advent is here!  Advent- the arrival of a notable person, thing, or event.  Advent the days leading up to Christmas.  Advent a reminder of expectation leading up to Christ's birth and a celebration of the expectation of his return.  Advent.  Quite possible one of my favorite times of the year.

We were scheduled to be out of town at the start of Advent, but a little thinking and good friends, helped us kick off the season wonderfully.  We packed up our Advent box and Advent book and brought them along;) As in the past, each day we will open a door and it will contain an event, theme, activity for that day.  Each evening, we will open another door in our Advent book.

December 1
"It's Advent!  Advent means, "the coming that is awaited".  The Jewish people waited a long time for the Messiah.  When he was born, the waiting was over- their SAVIOR had come.  On Christmas we celebrate the birthday of Jesus and as we wait for that special day, we can wait with anticipation.  This waiting and anticipation can help remind us that we are waiting with anticipation for his to RETURN again!

Today, we will start reading our Advent Book.  We will also set out the manger to remind us to prepare ourselves every day to welcome Jesus' presence in our lives.  Our we looking for ways to receive him, to please him, to honor him?  Jesus said, when you serve others who need help or love, it's like you are doing those things for him!  All month, when mommy or papa sees you doing something that honors God, we will give you hay to place in the manger.  It will symbolize hearts that welcome and serve Jesus.

Jesus is the LIGHT of the world!!  Today we'll go see lights Shining BRIGHTLY at the Cuneo Winter Wonderland light display!  As you see those lights, remember you are a light for Jesus, let your light shine.  Also, imagine as beautiful and sparkly as the lights we'll see are, heaven is MORE beautiful and more sparkly because the one who IS LIGHT is there.  Amazing, isn't it?!"

We had my niece's 2nd birthday earlier in the day, so we had to be in Chicago area.  The Winter Wonderland is amazing; we used to do it when we lived in Chicago and we knew the kids would enjoy it.  Turns out Grandma, Grandpa, and and Katie joined us and enjoyed it too;)

In the birthday, gift bags they recieved glow bracelets.  What better night to use them!!!

Pictures don't do the Winter Wonderland justice.  It's beautiful and so fun.  You drive through at like 5 miles an hour...the kids can get out of their seats and are filled with wonder and trying to catch it all...

In the car we sang "The Little Light of Mine."  How I pray my little Lights brightly reflect Jesus, the Light of the World.  The only hope for darkness that clouds our souls.

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  1. Love it! I need to copy all of this to use in the coming years as Mia gets older and can understand more :) If I would have thought about it, I would have put in even more glow jewlery! ;)