Saturday, December 15, 2012

Advent Day 15- Gingerbread, Gingerbread, Gingerbread ROCKS!

Advent Day 15-
"It's GINGERBREAD DAY!  Today we'll go to the Waelderhaus in Kohler and see all the Gingerbread houses on display.  Then we'll come home and make our very own creations.  A fun family day- are you ready? Let's go!"

Can I just say, I LOVE Gingerbread Day;)  even when it's rainy, gloomy and gray!

The beautiful Waelderhaus, the perfect setting for the Gingerbread House displays;)

We voted for our favorite, among each age group.  Phin and Ava were very thoughtful about their choices.

Chloe didn't vote, but judging by her multiple returns, I believe this homage to "UP" was her favorite;)

Time to create our own creations...though mama decided to use graham crackers this year instead of gingerbread...

decorating supplies....and activity snacks, all in one;)

Phin was making "a cave"

Ava, "super fun house"

Papa and Chloe- "a lodge"

Phin helped me make my nod to Vanellope's car in "Wreck it Ralph"...our favorite movie of the year;)

Our Very own display....we vote we all win a prize for best creation:)

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