Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Advent Day 5- Ornamess making

Advent Day 5-

"It's Christmas Preparation Day.  Turn on the music, gather some friends, let's make ornaments with odds and ends."

Today was a day we did last year and will probably do every year since my kids (and their mom) love a good art project.  Last year we were fortunate enough to have our good friends join us and this year were please as punch to have them agree to join our chaos yet again.

The plan was for my friend Faith to pick up Ava from school (she lives right by the school) and come on over for ornament making.  You know what they say about plans...yep, they go awry.  Marc came home at noon feeling horribly.  I am just getting over a cold and it appears he is just getting it.  He came home to sleep and rest.  We don't have quiet children...adding more to the mix only increases the noise.;)

Faith was kind enough to move our adventure to her kitchen table. 

I'd planned on making these cutie patootie bulbs I saw on pinterest but was reminded yet again why I hate pinterest....everything on these is said to be "easy"...these were just a mess.  Drawing with puffy t-shirt paint on the outside of bulbs....okay, I am sure this work if all adults are crafts, with kids it's just crazy...and puff paint is not something you want on your clothes inadvertently;)  Thankfully Faith's basement held an abundance of craft supplies and she quickly disassembled two spiral bound chipboard books and we had more ornaments to decorate;)

The crew, minus Chloe, who preferred to stay home and cuddle with her Papa. 

Who has spiral bound chipboard Christmas books just hanging out in their cool friend who saved ornament making for us all;) 

Ava decorating her bulb...which actually ended up pretty cute.  I didn't grab a picture of Phins...but let's just say, it is covered in so much puff pain perhaps it will dry in time for Christmas, but we aren't holding our breath;)

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