Friday, December 21, 2012

Advent Day 19- Playing with Chocolate

Advent Day 19-  "It's Chocolate Lollipop Day!  Let's put those painting skills to work and make some yummy gifts for our classmates!"

I never understood the whole chocolate mold thing until we did it last year.  I have to admit I would see the molds at Michael's and thing "what a dorky thing to make snowman chocolates."  I am humbled.  It's great fun, especially with kids who like to paint.  You paint the inside of the mold, fill it with chocolate and then eat it- nothin' dorky about playing with food and then eating it:)

You may argue about the dorky comment when you see me hard at work in my beautiful hoodie...perhaps I am just embracing my dorkiness?  It's serciously cold up in here and if you think the hoodie is dorkie, you should see me bundled up to go out side;)
 Some of the finished Product

Ava's lolli's wrapped and ready to take to give to her can do this sort of thing when there are only 9 kids in your class;)

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