Thursday, December 27, 2012

Advent Day 21- Museum Memories

Advent Day 21- "Remember our visit to the history museum last year?  Today we get to return.  Holidays are wonderful because of traditions, family, making memories.  The museum will help us remember that;)  Let's go!"

One of the window displays that used to be in the windows of Prangle's Department store downtown (Prangle's is no longer;) 

A beautiful antique piano (actually there are two twins) that used to be made here in Sheboygan...the had Carol sheet music and on the table between them bells and tamborines...we did a little singin' and playing;) 

 We took a break for coloring, punch and cookies.  Gotta love a town where locals bake cookies for the museum to have out for guests!

The girls riding "old fashioned" bikes

Making Christmas cars with a pull string

 who doesn't love a car you can pull behind ya?

Inside the log cabin on the property, playing games from days of old...reminded me how super fun it is to play with tops!

It was a good day.


  1. Prangles is no longer because "Prangles" never existed. It was HC Pranges. It was a very successful regional department store chain begun in 1881 in Sheboygan by Henry Prange. Everyone in the Sheboygan area, young and old, have fantastic memories of the store. We even had them in Michigan and IL as well, Kim. Don't you remember? (ya gotta post accurately)

  2. Nope, no memory of Pranges or Prangles. If we had one in Michigan my mother did not shop there. And I don't ACTUALLY have to post accurately, it's my blog;) Though I didn't intend to post inacurrately, I read the sign at the museum with an "L"...shows lack of sleep does funny things to a girl- makes you see "L"s everywhere.