Monday, November 12, 2012


I don't know quite how it all started, but my kids are very interested in kissing at the moment.  While Marc and I were in Haiti, Ava watched our wedding video with my mom and seemed most taken with the kiss.  In fact, she says things like, "Can we watch your wedding video so I can see when you kiss, Papa."  She also seems to think kissing results in babies and though I won't let her believe this forever- she's 6.  I am perfectly content with the conclusions she's drawn.  I answer the questions she asks and that's it for now.  I am starting to suspect the wedding video kiss is in her mind the origins of HER. ;)

She finds it hilarious to squeal, "gross!" when Marc kisses me and then anxiously waits for him to kiss me again.  We are having great fun with it.  He'll waltz in to the kitchen, dip and kiss me and she laughs hysterically.  Yesterday we did this funny, "mmmah, mmmah, mmah" kiss just to make her laugh harder.  Phin reaction, however, was the best, a knowing sweet smile and "That was great guys."  They love to get sandwiched in our hugs and be showered with kisses themselves.  I've always been told, and I believe, that a good marriage is vitally important to children, but right now, I feel like I am FEELIN' it from my kids.  They really delight in us loving one another.  They LOVE when Marc asks them, "Do you know why I am the most blessed man in the world?" or "DO you know who the most beautiful women in the world is?"  They yell with delight, "MOMMY!" every time.  Yesterday I couldn't help thinking, "this is the life"....I get to kiss the most handsome man in the world anytime I want and love on the world's most amazing kids.  My ears are full of little kid laughter (certainly one of the best sounds God created) and my heart is overflowing.  Thankful, I am;)

At this very moment, however, Phin and Chloe are playing potato heads.  They are playing so cute together so I started just watching them and was about to get the camera when I realized the potato heads are Marc and I today....and they keep kissing them.  LOL.   It is sweet, grant it...but I wish they would have picked Barbie and a Rescue Hero to play our parts.  I knew it was time to start Weight Watchers again...but I was hopin' to finish the Halloween Candy first;)


  1. Well, you know what Andy says, "The Potato Heads: Mr and Mrs. You gotta keep them together because they're madly in love." I think your kids got it right. :)

    Love it, friend, and the security you're providing for your kids.