Tuesday, December 4, 2012

ADVENT DAY 4- Keeping our world vision

Advent Day 4-

"Today we will honor our World Vision kids!  We will go shopping for Mohau, Mlungeli, and Sikhangele and send them envelops of cards and small gifts for Christmas.  We want to remind them that we love and Jesus loves them."

We sponsor three boys through World Vision.  Each one shares a birthday with one of our kids.  They are all living in the same area of Africa, someday if we are fortunate enough to visit, we hope we can visit all three!

Tonight we went to Target to pick gifts for the boys.  Anything we send ourselves (we can send monetary gifts for specific needs through World Vision), must fit in a 6"x9" envelope, it takes tight packing and creativity, but this year, I think we have our most fun envelopes yet!

 A good pair of light weight moisure wicking socks, crayola markers, a notebook, starwars lego space ship, two army men with parachutes, four superheo squinkies, smarties, a letter and picture by the kid who's birthday they share.  This is Ava's package to Mlungeli- look closely it's paper dolls of our family.  The best part?  She included Christian;)

Envelopes stuffed to the brim, ready to mail tomorrow;)

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  1. This is waaaay cool and a great idea. I like that the kiddos share birthdays with the others. A great way to teach sooo many things. I need to remember this :)