Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Advent Days 17 and 18- Limpin' along

I don't have any fancy pictures or even my typical "you can tell she needs photography lessons" ones.  The camera battery is dead and honestly with two sick littles, I just keep forgetting to charge it.  I was just thankful the Advent days I'd planned worked with being homebound and praying we are snot and cough free very soon;)

The 17th was wisemen day.  We went out at night to look at stars.  We went out to look, but there were no stars, it was completely cloudy.  Quickly, I loaded the kids in the car for a pajama ride to count house many houses had stars included in their Christmas lights.  We counted 10 in our little jaunt- not bad, Sheboygan, not bad.  We also discovered St. Nicholas hospital has no other real decoration except a VERY big star overhead and we talked about why that might be....the kids decided it was because babies were born there.  I can't disagree.  There will never be another Jesus and no baby could come close to comparing, but each little birth in a miracle, so I liked their conclusion;)

The 18th was snowflake day.  We talked about snowflakes- Ava our little factoid, of course, remembering every fact from last year;)  We made snowflakes and were VERY happy to have a nice little dusting so we could watch snowflakes fall through our windows.

We looked up some cook pictures of snowflakes

And learned that the biggest snowflake ever recorded, was observed in 1887 in Montana.  It was 15 inches wide and 8 inches thick.  It's hard to even fathom!

There is no picture of that one and though a bit smaller, Here is a really big one that doesn't allow copying;P

A winter storm is brewing so we'll be getting more snow, we're crossing our fingers for gigantic flakes;)

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