Sunday, December 9, 2012

Advent Day 8- O Christmas Tree!

Advent Day 8-  
"Today we will put up our Christmas Tree!  Yippee!"

The kids have been asking all week when we would put up our Christmas Tree.  Usually we'd have it done by now, but we were gone the last two weekends;)  Finally, it's beginning to LOOK like Christmas 'round here;)
 Sportin' Christmas Tree headbands...gotta dress for the occasion;)

This years first ornament on the tree- a minature of the Disney Dream cruise ship (the cruise we took in February) 


Chloe concentrated very hard to get each ornament on the tree;) 

Our mounds of Christmas's like a treasure hunt every year, a little march down memory lane;) 

For dinner we had homemade pizza, but while it was cooling, the kids got to eat Christmas tree shaped Chocolate the spirit of Christmas, dessert first felt very appropriate;) 

Our Little People Nativity only comes out at Christmas and thankfully even our oldest still hasn't out grown it.  They were ecstatic to see it again;)

The living room is on the the front hall, dining room, etc....maybe one year we'll even get around to the outdoor extravaganza we dream of;)

I love it. (Yet any other mamas already dreading January when we have to clean all this stuff up;)


  1. Lol, how did you get that white ceramic Mary and Joseph? Wasn't that moms? :) I used to love that thing! I love all the year we have to come up and share in the fun! :) Karla

  2. Sorry, I feel bad that I have it. I love it too- I don't know why mom was getting rid of it, but I nabbed that puppy. If you would also like it, we can alternate years if you want;) I'd be happy to share...but I always remember mom putting it at the base of the tree, and I do the same. I think she gave it to me right after Marc and I got married;)