Friday, December 21, 2012

Advent Day 20- A Celebration of Snow

Advent Day 20- "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!  It's a snow day.  Let's play!"

Yep, advent is planned a month ahead, but the nice thing about my little box with doors, is Mama can change the message early in the morning and no one is the wiser. 

We had a winter storm blow through yesterday.  School was cancelled and I knew I had to move my "playing in the snow" day from the 22nd to the 20th.  I remember Snow Days being exciting as a child.  It felt adventurous to be "stuck at home" when I'd typically be in school.  The morning was cold and white, but by afternoon, we were usually bundled up sledding.  I have such warm feelings about coming inside to find mom had fresh cookies and hot chocolate waiting.  Snow days are wonderful things, and I want my kids to look back on them fondly, as I do.

The trouble with our snow day is the it was a full day mix of rain and Snow, mixed with REALLY heavy winds.  Walking outside felt like wading through a big gulp while someone is pelting you with ice chips....not exactly what I envisioned.  So while, we weren't able to build a snowman or paint the snow this year (yet!), I got out my "back up" snow plans and I cannot tell you how much fun we had!

 Supplies- Styrofoam balls, fake snow, snowball sippies, and snowman mac n cheese:)

 We put in REALLY cold water and pretended we were drinking snowballs;)

We made fake snow...

 "The weather outside was frightful..."

 So an INDOOR snowball fight sounded DELIGHTFUL

 Except to a sick little who decided she didn't want to "Share" her snow balls at first;)

The rest of us had more fun than I could describe.  I laughed so hard...and so did everyone else;) 

 Even Miss Chloe enjoyed watching, but soon "the precious" lured her down from our female fort...
 She seized the opportunity and braved the snowball war; she gathered up the "precious" snowballs littering the basement floor

 and began storing them in her car's truck...hilarious;)
These are the days that I want to just repeat over and over again....and this is one that I'm thinking could become a pretty great tradition...Marc and I had so much fun we "might" bring some "snowballs" to our family Christmas party (ssshhh- don't tell).

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