Sunday, December 9, 2012

Advent Day 9- BAHUMBUG!

My children are cranky...I love them but today they are small nightmares.  We took them out to lunch, as it our normal Sunday routine, and their behavior was bad horrible.  It was one of those frustrating moments as a parent when you wonder where you went wrong, how you could have possible raised such ungrateful, ill-mannered children and you completely forget that they have any charming qualities.

We've had a full past few weeks.  The entire week of Thanksgiving we were in Philly visiting Marc's parents.  They spoiled the children, as grandparents do.  Last weekend, we were in Chicago- again the kids had an abundance of fun and great gift bags from my neices party and fast food because we were on the road, etc. We've had Advent activities all week- not all of them fancy, but exciting to young children.  I don't know if they are overtired or just ungrateful because they have had an abundance of fun places to visit and gifts, but their behavior is unacceptable...and has seemed to worsen a bit every day.

We had a little chat and we decided they would not open a door today.  We'll still do our Advent book this evening, but they won't get anything special today.  We were to go to the History Museum in town and visit their wonderful Christmas exhibits, but really our kids are just not appreciating stuff today.  They need a really normal day at home...if not more than that is what we told them.

There were tears, but now they are all soundly napping and hopefully will wake with new attitudes.  I love Advent, but the heart condition of the children is much more important.  When they start to act like it's all about them...we know it's time to take a break.  It isn't all about them.  So "Bahumbug" to hard hearts....but grateful for a Savior who can soften them;)

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