Monday, December 17, 2012

Advent Day 16- Collision with Colds

Advent Day 16 plans were foiled by a sudden and dramatic collision with fevers and snot.  The two young ladies of the house woke up sick.  We stayed home from church and were unable to complete our Advent activity- a trip to the holiday exhibit at our History Museum.  We'll fit that in somehow next weekend perhaps.

Instead of Advent fun, we spent the day in house.  Ava and I tried our hand at some holiday origami:

And we spent much time in front of the fireplace playing games or resting by watching Christmas movies.

Days don't always go according to plans, but especially in light of the recent tragedy in Connecticut, we are very thankful for family day in any form, even if in includes giving Tylenol and wiping noses.

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  1. love the last pic of you with Chloe Kim- hope to see you after Christmas at Dres!!