Friday, January 4, 2013

Advent Day 22- Animals and Ice Cream

Advent Day 22- "Have you ever wondered what it was like to be an animal in the stable where Jesus was born?  We don't know for sure, but we can almost guarantee they were worshipping.  The bible tells us if we don't worship God, even the ROCKS will cry out.  If rocks can praise God certainly animals can too.  Let's string some popcorn and find a tree to hang it on for our yard animals to snack on.  Then we'll look for animal tracks in the snow and go exploring."

 Snow is delightful when experienced with children;)

 We chose a tree we can see from our living room but that is a distance away from the house, hoping we can sneak a peak at the animal snackers;) 

There are many different kinds of animals that traipse through our yard.  It was fun to watch the kids find different types of tracks and soon we were following deer tracks into the woods to find out "where the reindeer live." 


 The littles also learned that indeed ice is slippery;)

Chloe is our "stick collector" 


Ava and Phin quietly looking off the path to see if they could see where the reindeer were hiding.

Unfortunately when we went to turn back home, we realized Chloe really though we would seen reindeer...and she could not be calmed for quite sometime.  OOOPS. 

 Papa ended up having to carry her home;)

That evening after bath as we were getting the kids into bed we surprised them with a PAJAMA RIDE.  We loaded them up in their PJ's.

And went to DAIRY QUEEN;)


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