Sunday, January 15, 2012

Silly Supper- Fondue Night

Time to get silly suppers back up and runnin' after all our holiday fun.  The kids were excited all day knowing dinner held a silly supper and kept trying to guess what it could be;)  This time, I didn't have to keep it a secret.  I told them "Fondue" all day long...they just had no idea what it was;)
Course number 1- cheese.  I mixed half Cheddar, half Gruyere hoping to make it more kid friendly...Ava (our very UNpicky child) RAN to the garbage to spit it out;)  Phin, then barely licked it before declaring "I think I hate this kind of cheese".  Ah well- it was amazing and Marc and I thoroughly enjoyed it!  The kids did their own improvisation by grabbin' Kraft singles from the fridge to eat with their bread chunks.  They were shocked at the thought of cheese on apples....all the more for us;)

 They loved cooking themselves, but were surprised how long it took;)  It was the first time I have served Ketchup as a sauce with fondue and it's dish was competely emptied;)

It proved WAY to slow for Miss Active and she was "all done, all done!, ALL DONE!" very quickly 

No surprise, bringing the final course brought excitement of the maximum magnitude. 

They happily dipped away and had a few "search and rescue missions" for bananas lost in the chocolate Abyss 

 It doesn't matter if you start a meal with "gross" cheese, when it sends with chocolate......

it is a success!


  1. Ah, ketchup. The all-occasion condiment. Luke would eat it on everything if I let him. ;) It looks like another fantastic night. Glad to see you guys settling in to the new year and making wonderful memories along the way. XO ~

  2. Looks so fun, friend! Way to go!