Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Have a good laugh at my expense....

Shortly after I arrived at bible study this morning, my friend Kim asked if Ava could come home with them from school this afternoon.  I was totally on board, of course, her daughter is a dear and I love the girls playing together.  My responsibility was just to call the school and let them know Kim would be picking up Ava with Lily and had my permission to do so.

Immediately after bible study, I grabbed my phone so I wouldn't forget to call.  I looked in my contacts and quickly selected the school.  The secretary answered and I said, "My daughter Ava is in kindergarten.  Could you let Mrs. V know that she'll be going home with the W's today?"  The receptionist replied, "um, there are no students here today?"  I said, "what?!"  As she replied, "There is no school today."  I realized I selected Ava's OLD school (from Chicago area) in my contacts instead of her current school.  Mortified, I said, "okay, thanks."

It was only later I realized this poor receptionist was probably traumatized by my call.  I didn't even explain that I called the wrong school.  WHO DOES THAT?!  (She was at that school literally three years ago for preschool;).  I removed the school from my contacts and I wonder if the poor lady looked around CHA for stray students.  Aye.  Perhaps I should have called back and explained.  I am a nut job;)  I thought I was caught up on sleep.  Will my brain EVER return?!

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  1. Too funny!! I can see that receptionist thinking "where is that lady's kid?! -And why doesn't she know where she is?!"

    (I tend to over explain everything, beyond necessary -Travis laughs at me...)