Sunday, January 22, 2012

Silly Supper- Game Night

I had plans for a silly supper tonight.  Marc had plans for a family game night.  We realized on the way to church we both had the evening planned in our heads and yet hadn't communicated with one another.  No problem, I used his plans as inspiration for our silly supper.  A little thinking during the kids afternoon nap and our communication conflict turned into well coordinated genius.  Okay, maybe genius is a strong word, but I am totally patting myself on the back tonight.  I felt brilliant coming up with these ideas on the fly and we had SO much fun!
Chloe gets a little fussy and wants to be on mommy's hip when it's time to prepare dinner.  Recently, she has just gotten too heavy, so I've had her help.  It's always I gave her a plastic knife, jelly, and bread.  She is adorable when she "helps";) 

Let the games begin!  Our inspiration was some of our favorite games:  Apples to Apples (we ate apples), Smashed Potatoes (we ate shoe string french fries), and.....

Game 1- Memory.  We played Memory with sandwich quarters.  They had to match up identical insides.  We had nutella, peanut butter, jelly, cheese, ham, and turkey.  

 Once the got their matches, they could "mix and match"...Phin was THRILLED to match jelly and peanut butter and make "peanut butter and jelly all by myself!"

This worked really well.  Memory is a favorite game of ours and to say this was a hit is an understatement!

 Game 2- Cheese Stick Jenga.  This also works if the cheese sticks are cold.  I bought the square cheese sticks from Sargento and cut them in half.  

Game 3- Oreo Checkers;)  Phin and Mommy against Ava and Papa.  GAME ON!!

We got the first jump and we were PUMPED... 

OH NO!  Until Ava and Papa got a double jump!!!! 

the excitement was palpable;)

Another successful silly supper...who says you can't play with food?!!!;)


  1. oh my gosh kim! those are SO funny! i mean the sandwich memory is actually genius! i didn't think genius was an overstatement! xo annemarie

  2. Do you have Apples to Apples junior? I thought about getting it, but wasn't sure if it was good for an almost 6 year old.

    Well done!

  3. Thanks Kim! I hope you don't mind, I shared your blog on my facebook page, I love your intentional living, and I know others that would enjoy reading about it to!