Saturday, January 14, 2012

Noon Years Celebrations

 Let us not discuss the fact that it has taken me 14 days to get these pictures on the internet;)  Then again, I have trouble not discussing things so....

New Years is supposed to be a fresh start, an energized beginning filled with resolutions about how you'll do things right.  The problem when you travel between Christmas and New Years is that you start your "fresh start" way behind.  Forget about the new beginning and getting ahead, I've been trying to crawl out from under my pile of "to dos" just to catch up;)  Last week I was so overwhelmed, I didn't know where to start, it was almost paralyzing.  I just don't function well in disorder!  I am so thankful my overwhelming stall happened to occur right before my sister's schedule visit.  She was just the shot of energy I needed, not to mention the girl is an organizing guru.  She gave me an amazing head start on catching up;)  Today I am finishing.  There is light at the end of the tunnel.  For me, Monday is my personal "fresh start";)

Back to the post topic and away from the tangents I am sure to become famous for....

We were still in Philadelphia area for New Years.  On New Year's Eve, we planned an alternate celebration with the kids, stealing an idea from the Children's Ministry Director at our old church.  Instead of counting down until midnight, we counted down until 12 noon.

We sat down and celebrated things we are thankful for or proud of from 2011.  Then we set "goals" for 2012.  We wrote them in tiny cards that I have saved.  We will reread them on New Years Eve next year and celebrate those goals we have achieved.  All are written in persons own words, parenthesis are my explanation;)

- Very proud of celebrating 11 years of marriage
-Came back to Center on Christ with a TOUGH year at work with successful work across multiple areas
-Became the Awana Commander
-Built strong people relationships at Johnsonville
-(financially related)
-Finished the year strong with work, family, and ministry

-started Thrive officially at church
-got the opportunity to get involved with Community Health Nursing at Church
-stuck with Trainer and Weight Watchers and lost over 15 lbs., hit size goal
-completed purpose statement for self and marriage
-started silly suppers
-succeeded in making Easter and Advent, stress free and focused on Christ

-learned how to hula hoop
-started kindergarten
-learning to play nice with my friends
-started girl scouts
-learning a lot about God and memorizing lots of verses
-got ears pierced and didn't even cry!
-had a good ballet recital
-learned to do the trapeze at Club Med
-Passed level 2 swimming

-complete potty training!
-have lots of new toys and little cars
-can change clothes by himself
-wears underwear
-plays with Papa's iPhone all by himself and knows how to take pictures on it (he knows how to do everything one it- it's rather frightening;)
-knows letter and numbers (this is a stretch, but it is what he says.  He cans say them all for sure, but only recognizes some by sight;)

Chloe (our best guesses- she did not say any of this;)
-learned to walk and run
-got tubes in hear ears and has had no more problems since!!!
-feeds herself
-learned to sleep through the night
-grew nice curly blond hair that is
-has many words and gestures!
-starting to sing (on tune!) and loves to dance

-Do a wisdom/proverbs study
-Hit and maintain ____ lbs. (I think the exact number is probably not something he'd appreciate me writing;)
-Fast at least monthly
-Develop the "inheritance list"- a timeline of things I want to accomplish with or pass on to my children
-Develop and execute one weekend away with Kim and four dates (I am usually the planner, so he is basically saying he is going to step up and help with the date thing...we'll go out more than 4 times, don't worry- this is just what HE will be responsible for;)
-Finish reading Bringing Up Girls
-Build a disciplined operational plan for my team/dept.
-Read and finish 2 key business books

-Get up before children for quite time...
-exercise at least 3 times a week
-quit drinking Diet Coke
-Finish Parrish Nursing Course
-Be intentional about keeping our schedule simple and saying, "no" when needed
-Getting home organized and back in order
-getting back on regular menu planning and cooking
-Taking more time to do hair and make up and care for self
-Limiting time on computer and TV in evenings and getting to bed ON TIME

-sleep better (she's had trouble going to bed, we often find her hiding in her closet playing, etc.)
-Ride a two wheeler
-Learn to read (she technically can read, but it doesn't come quickly yet- still a lot of phonetically sounding it out)
-Drink out of glass cups more often (this one was my favorite;)

-Play Soccer
-Go to school
-Wear grown up clothes and be more like a grown up
-Bike pedal with training wheels (he doesn't know how to pedal a bike.  As coordinated as this kid is, he just either can't do it or is lazy- we aren't sure.  Hopefully this goal setting will help eliminate the lazy thing;)

Chloe (or rather "mama's best guess)
-decrease number of temper tantrums;)
-get rid of pacifier
-potty train if ready
-talk in sentences (she'll probably hit this one by March, she's a little chatter box!)

 Hats, blowers, and lei's for all!

 Then I set up our Countdown activity.  I wrote 2012 on large piece's of bubble wrap, one for each person, and placed them in a large circle.

 With blowers in hand....
  We stood outside the bubble wrap circle and counted down until noon....
  Then we "jumped into the new year", by jumping onto our bubble wrap and went to town poppin' bubbles.

  You can never go wrong with bubble wrap;)
 I wouldn't want to spend New Years with anyone else;)

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