Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sesame Place

Who would of thunk it?  Our week spent in Philly from 12/12 to 1/2 was warm as could be.  The kids were able to feed ducks, ride around in my Father-in-law's golf cart, and enjoy the 50 degree bliss.  The highlight of the week for the kids by far was the ability to visit Sesame Place!  Sesame Place is typically a summer theme park- bursting with water rides.  This year, however, they were opened from December to 1/3.  They had plenty of rides geared towards little kids and shows...and of course, live meet ups with the characters.  We never go to Philly in the summer, so this was a first experience for my kids.  It is the "off season" lines were short, but fun was long;)  The visit happened to occur on our 11 year wedding anniversary and I couldn't help but think how blessed we are- we are still crazy in love with one another, but have three itty bitty's we're crazy about too.  Life is amazing.

 11 years and 3 kids later....

 BERT and ERNIE!!!

 The Carousel

 Sesame Street Christmas- onstage

 Phin, Ava, Grandpa Babb, and myself on the swings (Can I just take a minute to say I was internally FREAKED out that Phin was tall enough for these things?  I was sure he'd get scared and try to climb out, but no such occurence- he showed me he truly is a big boy.)

 Babb, Marc, Phin and Ava climbing to the top of the ropes course.  Phin is so small and agile, his only disappointment was "everyone kept calling my name and making me wait for them."

 Grammy, Babb, Me and kiddos with ELMO and MURRAY!!!!

I thought the swings were bad...turns out he was tall enough for the roller coaster too.  He loved every minute of it and wanted to ride again.  Ava thought it was amazing too...and seriously, how many children get to ride a coaster with their 71 year old grandfather...three cheers for Babb!

Good Bye perfect day....

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  1. oh my goodness, so fun! I would have been freaking out about those swings as well! :) definitely scary letting your little guy ride it, but I'm sure he had the time of his life! Glad you guys got to experience this fun place :) Love, Karla