Tuesday, January 3, 2012


After regularily blogging through Advent, it feels weird to have such a lengthy lapse of time between posts.  I feel the need to explain myself, and yet also know that need is certainly self imposed.

We have been away visiting my in laws for post Christmas and the New Year.  I have lots of fabulous things to post- Christmas Eve (on the real day) with my parents for a Happy Birthday Jesus Party, a visit to Sesame Place in Philly and our "Noon" Years Eve party with my kids and in laws.  It will all get posted in due time, but for today I am placing life on pause.  I am emotionally spent post traveling and we have much to do yet to fully settle back into routine.  While tempting to put blogging and uploading of pictures at the top of my "to do"s....my children, husband, and yes, even myself will need to come first.  I will slowly post things in the order in which they occurred or in a flash of late night energy post through it all at once, but for today, I will take a deep breath, use my kiddos nap time for personal stillness and see you, dear blogging world, when I find myself filled once again.

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