Monday, January 23, 2012

Serious FUN!

We love to have family dance time.  It is a frequent occurrence in our home.  Over New Years, we were exposed to Wii's Just Dance 3.  We made complete fools of our selves with the in-laws, but loved every clumsy minute.  Our children surprised us by following along quite well for 3 and 5.  They talked about it for days afterwards.  We decided to buy the game.  Our kids never play our Wii, we don't own any children's games; Marc and I rarely play anymore.  Why waste it sitting in our drawer when family fun could be had?

Imagine my delight when I went to purchase the game and realized they have a children's version.  I don't have to worry about what songs to select for them.  They have two kids versions, actually.  I settled on Just Dance Kids 2, only cuz the sales guy at Walmart said, as I asked his opinion, "well, I have no idea, but it would help me out if you picked the second one cuz we have one two many for the case."  I am sure the first is just as good- but chose to help the guy out.  We are jammin' to songs from Tangled, the Wiggles, Laurie Berkner band, etc.  Songs my kids know and love.  It is a blast...oh and I am actually good at the kids version.  No one in the family has beaten me yet;)  It's just my speed....that and I actually know all these songs too:)

If you have Wii, I highly recommend.  You'll get a great work out and have lots of laughs with your family;)  (And a little competition with the hubby is always good---especially when you are the winner;)

I wasn't given anything in exchange for this honest review, but if anyone from Wii sees this- you are welcome.;)


  1. Oh yay! That's the one we bought for her. I have to go to the library tonight, so I'll ask if they have video games for checking out. Your review is making me look even more forward to dancing to it!

  2. We have this too but haven't gotten it out yet, might be something we do this weekend because I'd imagine my kids will LOVE it!
    PS - Thanks for your kind words yesterday, I appreciate them!