Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Though I stumble through Motherhood, God is faithful in providing people to help me see the path

Some days in motherhood are filled with struggle and I wonder how I'll make it to bed time.  Other days are so fun, so amazing that I step back and find myself in AWE of the fact that THIS is MY life, these amazing kids are MINE.  Recently, Ava's been having trouble with a friend at school.  It's been heart breaking for me at times.  I hate seeing her hurt and find myself struggling with wanting to pull her from school to take away any chance of pain.  I find myself struggling with fear about the future and how much hurt she may experience through friendships, boys, and even her own failings.  As I've prayed, God has really just kind of gently said, "Chill out!"  We prayed about what to do for school and are confident God pointed us to Sheboygan Christian.  Her teacher has been AMAZING through this ordeal and God has gently reminded me that He is working in Ava's heart.  I know, of course, that almost all of my most valued lessons learned came through pain or failure.  God used them profoundly to teach me about Himself and myself.  He still uses them.  Why would I want Ava to miss learning what God has for her.

I have been given the gift in Sheboygan of amazing mothers who are not far from me in age, but a large step ahead in parenting.  I cannot tell you what a blessing it is to have mothers remind me that each day with my children is a gift.  I appreciate being reminded that life is passing quickly; I need to cherish the day and seize the opportunties God gives me.  I also need to trust him with the future and remember he is in complete control.  One of these amazing women is my Pastor's wife, Nikki.  She is a blogger and just finished blogging a series on loving our children, based on a talk that she gave to our mom's group.  Nikki radiates peace and an inner beauty that somehow exceeds her stunning outer beauty.  She is a mom to her boys and so many others.  Her gently spirit is a balm to my soul.  I realized today as I finished reading the last post from her series that I have the opportunity to share the gift of Nikki's wisdom with all of you.  I promise, you won't regret reading.  ENJOY!  (and if you're that jealous that I actually KNOW her- we'd love to have you in Sheboygan;)


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  1. I'm humbled by your sweet words, friend. Thank you! The truth is, I am the one who is incredibly blessed by and thankful for the precious gift of you. You reflect Jesus in all the ways you love and give and serve. I'm so glad God has called us to do life and pursue Him together! Love you!