Friday, January 27, 2012

A morning conversation

Scene- Marc has just gone upstairs to retrieve Chloe from her crib so she'd get a little papa time before he leaves for work.  Ava has followed him, stating, "Oh!  I better go too- she'll need Ava time before I go to school!"  Mom and Phin remain in the kitchen.

Phin:  I don't like this sausage.
Mom:  Oh you seemed to eat quite a bit...hmmm, I think you are full of beans!;)
Phin:  No I am full of sausage.  I am done.
Mom:  Sure, you can be done, but make sure you're full cuz we aren't eating snacks all morning if we didn't finish our breakfast.
Phin:  I am done for sure. Can I watch a show?
Mom:  You'll have time for one show before mom's group, but we aren't going to watch a show until Ava leaves for school.
Phin: Why?
 Mom:  Because if a show is on Ava has trouble getting out the door and she feels sad to miss the end of the show.
Phin (taking off in a MAD DASH for the bottom of the stair case):  AVA!  AVA!  It's time for you to go to school.  You better hurry up.  You are late!

note- Ava still had twenty minutes before the time of her departure...but he's a clever little lad;

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