Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sheepish Book Gathering

Today I took Ava to the library. It is the first trip to a library that she remembers. I think the last time we were in a library she was a few months old and sleeping in her infant seat.

I am sure plenty of people haven't set foot in a library in three years, but they probably aren't avid readers. I am. I have literally probably read 500 books in the last three years. Some of these book have been borrowed. Many were given as gifts. A good portion of them were purchased.

I know- everyone who reads this is sitting with his or her mouth agape. Why would anyone in her right mind not be utilizing her library? I obviously have not been in my right mind! (Explains so much doesn't it?!)

I found Chicago's libraries a little inconvenient at times because there are so many of them. Really I just didn't take the time to get to know the system. Skokie's library is amazing. We have lived her one year and I finally checked it out. I am a loser. It is awesome. Their kids section is HUGE and has so many fun play things in addition to books. Ava climbed and played and read and smiled.

Thank goodness that I have way overspent this month. We only went to the library because i knew my husband would kill me if I bought her a book today. Everytime we read Berenstein bears she looks at the back where all the other BB books are pictures and asks if we can buy the dentist one. Had it been 6/1 today, I would have spent $8 on this book. Instead my daughter got to experience the joy of hunting it down in the library and FINDING IT! I can't even explain her excitement.

I used to love the library as a kid too. I don't know when or why I got out of the practice of going. Too many hours spent trying to study in a library in college. (my college friends are laughing- I did say "trying" to study, guys.) I think I thought it was more convenient to go to a bookstore...ah no. It took me no more time to go to the library. I even got a Wii game for Ava to try - for free! AND their kids DVD section puts my sad little Blockbuster to shame.

Shame on me for wastin' money for the past few years. I have 6 months left in 2009. The library is now going to be our standard Wednesday outing. Everytime I am tempted to buy a book, I am going to put that money in an envelope, wait to get that book until I go to the library, and at the end of the year, mama's takin' her envelope shoppin'- for clothes this time!

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  1. Libraries are great places and usually have great activities going on also. Way to go Kim - and no I am not shocked at the number of books you have. When you need to clean some out your library would most likely love donations. If they can't use them they sell them reasonably to help expand their budget to buy new books. If you lived closer you could be my lending library.