Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Me: "Wow! This is the last time you'll wear that shirt sweetie, it's getting small."

Ava: "Why?"

Me: "You are getting so big."

Ava: "Like JORDAN!!!"

Me: "Yes, you will grow big and tall like Jordan."

Ava: "I dont' want a baby in my tummy though."

Me: "I am pretty sure Jordan doesn't want a baby in her tummy either."

Ava: "Yah- I don't want a baby like Jordan, you have a baby in your tummy. I am not THAT big." (note: I do not actually HAVE a baby in my tummy but she doesn't always use past/present tenses appropriately:)

Me: "You are right."

Ava: "My tummy is bigger though."

Me: "Oh really."

Ava: "Yep, when you grow your tummy gets bigger, right?"

Me: "Sure does."

Ava: "You are really bigger, mommy."

Nice...as if a mirror isn't a good enough reminder;) Gotta love kids honesty:)

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