Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Who stole the Bonbons?

Where did the old stereotype of stay at home moms only sitting around eating Bon Bons and watching Soap Operas come from? I mean, really, I wonder....usually stereotypes exist because there is some basis in reality. I would actually LOVE to eat Bon Bons and watch soaps for even one day...so where are these moms and what am I doing wrong?;) If I take any time to myself, the cost usually out weighs the benefit. A nap, for example, is sometimes just necessary, but I awake to the same "to do"s with less time to do them.

I get tired and give myself pep talks more than I ever imagined would be necessary. I have to pray for strength, endurance, and patience multiple times a day. I get one area of the home organized only to find my three year old has un-organized a different one. I make to do lists and organize my week only to come to Tuesday (that'd be today) and wake to a cranky seven month old, cutting a tooth, who needs to be held 90% of the day.

AND why can I not get to sleep on time? At 4pm when I am exhausted and counting the minutes until Marc get's home (which isn't until 6 or after;), I always think, I need to go to bed at 8 tonight; after I get the kids in bed, it's like a new me. FREE TIME, MY TIME, TIME TO GET STUFF DONE....AYE! It's all so fun, until the next morning when Phin wakes up at 5:30 and I have to turn instantly into Miss Perky.

This is life as a grown up, I guess. Responsibility is, well...hard. I am working on "rejoicing in the Lord always." Loud music and a few dance moves mixed in with the chores help (though when you are dancing with a 25lb. baby, you pay for it later)...can't wait until my kids can REALLY help too. "For every job that must be done there is an element of fun"--won't they love it someday when I quote that as they are dusting and I am sitting on the couch eating Bonbons ...can't wait;)


  1. Isn't it amazing how much energy kids zap from you? I totally am the same way with not going to bed early. I always have the best intentions but then never do. I'm in a bad cycle of napping during their nap and then staying up late because I'm not tired. but it feels so good to have uninterrupted time to myself at night!

  2. So funny Kimmy...yeah-where did the expression of the bon bons come from? :)your entries are so creative and funny! I am learning something from them even though I am not yet a mom-its giving me insight on what to expect in the future :-)

  3. oh, btw, that last comment was from me, Karla :)