Monday, June 29, 2009

News Flash-- Miss Grumpy Won Over

Tonight was my last cake decoratig class. I have officially passed Wilton Basic Cake Decorating. I am going to miss this class. I am going to miss our teacher- the funny little man that he is. I am going to miss having an excuse to bake a cake every week. Tonight we are enjoying red velvet cake covered in roses;)

Indeed I learned a lot in my cake decorating class, but I was also reminded that a "Cheerful look brings joy to the heart". It is so easy to get caught up in negativity, but being a positive presence CAN be contagious too- it just takes a bit more time. Katie and I had a great time together. We laughed a lot and teased one another. We also teased and encouraged those around us. We won the class over. The only one we didn't think would cross over from the dark side was Little Miss Grumpy on the end of the table. Every week she walks in late and keeps the teacher late as she keeps working despite instructions to clean up. Every week she looks at every one with a scowl on her face. Every week she makes snide remarks and snippy comments.

Well tonight- she left the dark side behind. She became Little Miss Chatty and even seemed to enjoy herself. And wouldn't you know- she's a cute girl when she smiles. Gotta remember folks- cheerfulness is like medicine. I guarantee you this lady needed a heavy dose. I hope she signs up for Level 2 in the fall. Maybe we'll end up friends.

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