Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Advent Day 9- The freedom of PURGING

12/9/14- We have far too much.  There are kids in the world that don't have the basic things they need and we have more than we could even want.  Today we need to go through our toys and get rid of ones we aren't playing with anymore.  We will give them to kids who WILL play with them.  If something is sitting aroudn taking up space, what good is it?  If we aren't using it, we get rid of it, got it?

This gets easier every year...I was surprised Chloe even got rid of an Elsa and Anna!  She smartly realized she plays with the barbie size but the doll ones stay in her toy box.  We still have too much stuff...way too much stuff.  But I see the kids growing each year in letting go, giving, realizing they don't need half of what they have...that makes me proud.

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