Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Advent Day 2- Packages to our Special Friends

12/2- We have so much.  Sometimes it is easy to look around at people who have more than us and think we need more stuff, when really we are spoiled and have more than we'd ever need.  When we focus on things, we can forget what is really important- relationships.  Our relationship with God is the most important relationship we could ever have and at Christmas we celebrate that Jesus came to earth to make that relationship possible.  We also cherish the relationships we have with one another and our friends.  Today, let's remember four very special relationships- the ones we have with our world vision kids.  Let's go shopping and send them a Christmas envelope hoping we communicate how much we care about them and want them to share in our joy this season.

We sponsor four kids through world vision- each one shares a birthday with one of our kids.  Phin and Christian are the exact same age as the kiddos with their birthdays.  Chloe and Ava's boys are considerably older.  We love the privilege of getting letters and pictures from our kiddos around the world and hope someday to meet each one!  We are restricted to sending only what fits in a 9in by 5in envelope so we have to be creative about what to stuff in there...but every year we find a couple new items.

We always send a pad of paper and colored pencils or markers.  This year for the older boys we sent yoyos with instructions and brain teazer games with instructions.  We sent all four kids harmonica's and parachute christmas snowman (like those parachute army men you can get).  We put in socks  and mini magnafying glasses and a small bit of candy.  For the little kids we put in stickers and little books.  We fit a little handmade doll into the three year old little girl's envelope.  It's fun to see what we can cram in there;)

Writing our notes and packing our envelopes

Some of our stash

All stuffed and ready to send, just as soon as I add this year's family picture tomorrow....

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