Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Today, Ava started Kindergarten. WOW! What can one say? Kindergarten marks the beginning of a new chapter. It feels like life officially has declared my daughter to be growing up (as if her ever lengthening frame hasn't clued me in;).

Ava was excited this morning, but also told me she felt really nervous. We had a wonderful conversation about how nerves are normal. Then we talked about how her nerves probably paled in comparison to how the three new girls (girl who didn't go to preschool at SCS) were feeling. I told her God had a job for her every day and some days it was easier than others to know what that job was. Today God wanted her to love these little girls and make sure they left school knowing they were care for and loved. I challenged her to make sure those girls left today knowing they had a friend named Ava to look forward to seeing tomorrow. I was so proud- she got to school, hung up her backpack and went right to work as a one girl welcoming committee.

I got in the car after I finished bidding her adieu and talking to the other mamas and was completely surprised to find myself smiling from ear to ear. I felt a huge weight lifted. I realized that part of the anxiety/sadness I had been carrying around for the past couple weeks (as indicated in yesterdays posted) was due to this change. I realized I was anxiously awaiting my reaction to this change and completely unsure of how I would handle it. I was completely unaware of the stress I was carrying, but as I sat in the car realized I was worried I would have a hard time with Ava starting Kindergarten and worried that I would pass angst on to her. I felt complete and utter relief to find it wasn't hard at all; I felt incredible peace, joy, and pride in my little girl. It feels very right for her to be in kindergarten. She is ready. Maybe I'll feel differently tomorrow, but today I just feel grateful for the little lady she's becoming. I feel great joy that she's able to go to school and enjoy it. I LOVED school growing up and I want her to have that too. Change is sometimes hard, but today I just feel like this change is going to be very, very good.

This is what happens when you let your child chose their own back pack...hearts and a picture of real dogs...definitely not mamas favorite, but Ava LOVES it, so I'll never tell her;)


  1. can she be any cuter? doll face! she is adorable and even prettier on the inside-great job Ava at working hard to make other little girls feel loved! :) Aunt Karla

  2. That backpack is totally Rachel Hale, isn't it!! I love Rachel Hale. (not that I would ever today choose that backpack, but lemme tell you. If I was 5, I'd pick that up in a heartbeat!) Way to go Ava on your first day of Kindergarten. Kim, I love her little heart--you have done so well with her--with all your precious kiddos. :) Loved the post!

  3. She has grown up sooo much, Kim! Thanks for sharing this beautiful first day of Kindergarten. Michelle

  4. Wow, she is so big- love the curls!! Go Ava- we are cheering you on!

  5. What a cutie...and so sweet...just like her mom.:0) --Anna