Wednesday, November 11, 2009


We officially have a healthy little bean a growin';) We had an ultrasound yesterday (I'll scan in pic's later when I have a moment) and saw a very strong little heart beat, a cute little body and large head and little tiny weeny arms and legs. Our offspring was kind enough to even move his/her arms and allow us to pretend he/she waved;)

We told Ava "officially" this morning and she's thrilled. She keeps saying, "I can't believe you got a baby in there mommy!" Very sweet reaction! She also keeps saying, "That's why you are sick, right mommy? I am sorry that baby makes you sick." Then when I told her SHE made me VERY sick and that I threw up almost everything I ate when I was pregnant with her and not just every few days, but every time I ate, she found it hilarious. So now she has wanted me to tell her three times about "how I made you throwed up." I don't know why that is such a badge of honor, but whatever....

My doctor said I was 8 week 5 days pregnant as of yesterday. Then she said my due date was 6/12 according to her wheel. The nurse was a little confused by that date and the date the computer gave her and it seemed slightly off to me. This morning I counted out to 40 weeks and it is 6/ I left a message with the doctor (she's a good friend;) to check. 6/17 is just weird cuz Ava was due 3/16 and born 3/17, Phin was due 10/17 (but was late) and now 6/17...seems crazy consistent;) Not that a few days matters at that point....but it all has to make sense in my head;)

Anywho- I am glad to be ever closer to less nausea and vomitting and more energy....second trimester couldn't get here soon enough;) Yesterday I had the first good day I've had in a while and to have moments of feeling normal was absolutely refreshing. I got a few things done and just reveled in being able to eat better yesterday. I felt like a decent mom to my kids and I think my husband was glad that I was able to entertain a full conversation and stay engaged;) Today is back to the yucko stomach and tiredness, but I am hopeful there'll be more days like yesterday ahead.

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