Friday, November 13, 2009


I just had a great nap- an almost two hour, GREAT nap. It felt SOOO amazingly good, but instead of waking up spry, I just want to preserve rest time. I am sitting here on the couch resting. My children are also awake, but I am making every effort to remain silent at this end of the house. Perhaps if they think I am still asleep, they will lay around a little longer too. Phin could actually use a longer nap since he skipped his morning one and Ava? well, she could read more books or something. It just feels so good to sit unbothered. I wonder how long I could stretch this time? I first have to block out the guilty "you are ignoring your children's wake up calls" whispering in my ear, but if I can manage to ignore that, how long could this last? Will Ava stay in her room? Will she go in Phin's? Would he just fall back asleep? He never really long would we have to leave him until he actually got upset and started crying. Hmmmm...

Interesting question, since at this very moment my daughter has opened her door. She has not left her room yet but is singing a made up song. I would gather that she is nude looking in the mirror cuz she's singing "vagina girl, tummy girl, belly button girl." Oh my! I can only imagine what a mess her room is if she's taken to dressing and undressing in there....

Now, Phin is calling "Aya! Aya!" (that is his word for Ava). Instead of answering, she is singing "Vagina girl" even louder. Oh my word, if I creep around with a video camera this song is CERTAIN to be good blackmail material for later. Of course, then she might here my footsteps and know I am awake. Oh the dilemma's in the life of a mother!


  1. Update- I did ignore the guilty voice;) PHIN FELL BACK ASLEEP and Ava ended up playing in her room for another hour. What a gift!!!

  2. You have to keep ignoring that guitly voice more often... :-) Karla

  3. oops...I should check my comments before I post them- that should have been GUILTY voice & :-)

  4. Vagina Girl...Hilarious!! (Debi)