Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My diamonds

I had a touch and go sort of day. I was proud of myself through pushing through some pretty crap moments and fighting to make today a good one. Not only was I fighting my exhausted and nauseated body today; today I was fighting my son. I have a one year old terror on my hands. Let me tell you, my son is adorable. His face captures hearts whereever we go. He is just cute and he gets lots of attention, but apparently he doesn't get his fill. He ALWAYS needs to have my attention at home. He if often clinging to my leg and has learned to say "UP" though he talks very little otherwise. He also seems to think it is funny to get a huge reaction out of me. He definitely knows how to make sure I "pay" for taking a minute to myself to use the restroom or take a shower. Today he unloaded my dishwasher not once but twice and also stopped it when I tried to run it this evening. The locking mechanism on my oven and dishwasher are useless as Mr. Phin has figured out how to unlock them. It is apparently hilarious to open the dishwasher and just throw dishes on the floor before crawling away. It must be hilarious because he laughs a deep belly laugh when I sigh in exhaustion at the sight. What a booger!

We adore our son and we hope to raise him to have a sense of humor but save his shenanigans for appropriate when mommy is in the mood for nonsense;) One thing I am sure of, he'll be a gentleman and a servant, just like his papa. My touch and go day is ending on a high note because of my hubby who is driving across town to get me a peice of pie...cuz I saw some on the food network that looked yummy. Food is supposed to be the way to a man's heart but when a pregnant nauseated woman sees someting that looks appetizing- nothing beats having that craving met. Yes, I have Phineas- a diamond in the rough, who is still closer to the "coal" stage of the process and I have my hubby who is a diamond of great color and clarity;)

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  1. Kim, You did a great job of expressing how I feel about JP somedays. Our boys can try us, but they will be great men one day with God's grace!