Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Post Holiday Recovery

We've been back from our holiday vacation for quite a few days and I feel as if the whole family is still recovering;) We had a nice time, but traveling with two children is just tiring. Here I am in the second trimester and my planned surge of energy hasn't surged quite as high as I had imagined. I have needed a nap almost every day and yesterday when I didn't get a chance to take one, I fell asleep on the couch watching "The Biggest Loser." The truth is life is just busy sometimes and pregnant or not, you need rest. I am realizing that life with three will probably has to slow down even more. I don't want my kids memories of their childhood to be of running from here to there, but of a peaceful home.

New Years was a great day, actually. We got home on New Years Eve because our flight schedule changed. It was a day earlier than expected. We just stayed in and chilled on New Years Day. The kids were THRILLED to be home and played so well all day. That night, we roasted hot dogs and marshmallows in the fireplace. It was a joyous relaxing day and one I want to experience more often around here!

Quickly, it feels like life ramped back up to normal. Responsibilities being what they are, there is only so much we can change, but if I were to label something a New Years Resolution- simplifciation would remain mine;) I feel like we've done a great job in some areas, but there is still plenty of room for improvement!

This week I am just tackling getting back into a rhythm...realistically Marc HAS to go to work, but we sure MISS HIM! I need to grocery shop, menu plan, etc... It's rip roarin' excitement 'round here;)

On a completely unrelated note- my children are huge. Ava has become an amazing big sister. She wants to share a room with her brother (which is convenient since we haven't found a housing option we like better at the moment so they may have to share when the baby comes;). She is so capable, I find myself amazed at how much she has learned in almost 4 years. WOW the mind is amazing! Phin is hilarious and exhausting and mischievious and wonderful. You cannot help falling in love with this boy. He is just a charming little thing....okay, a charming big thing;) AND I am getting a LOT of movement from the little one inside, so his/her presence is very much a part of my life already. I LOVE these little movements; I feel bad that Marc can't feel them. It really is a special thing.

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