Saturday, June 30, 2012

Our Little Cookie Monster

This little cute mischief maker has been at it again!

This morning he came into the kitchen and I said, "Phin what is by your eye?'s chocolate.  Where did you get chocolate"

His response?  "From my room."
Me: "What do you mean your room?"
Phin:  "I ate cookies in my room."
I glanced up to notice the Keebler Fudge Stripes I bought yesterday were missing from the counter.
Me:  "When did you take them to your room?"
Phin:  "I sneaked down this morning when everyone was sleeping."

I then asked him to bring them downstairs....and this is what is left of our nearly full package of cookies!

I intended to use them in a trifle today but let the kids each try one yesterday.  He obviously really liked the sample.  I asked him why he left three, assuming he'd say he was full or his tummy hurt, but he sweetly said, "I wanted to leave some for the rest of the family."

How kind of him.;)


  1. Well, you gotta give the boy some credit-he's very honest! And willing to share!

  2. Ok, this cracks me up. Ah, boys who get up before the rest of the family, what to do with them?

  3. HILARIOUS_ how thoughtful of him to save you some.