Thursday, June 14, 2012


Ava is a pack rat, or, if you are a more optimistic sort, sentimental.  She hates to discard things.  I have had her in a total meltdown on numerous occasions because I threw out art work or something.  I've tried being direct and I've tried being sneaky.  There is just no good way to keep the house clutter free and Ava happy. I just try to pick my battles.  The truth is she seems to be an artist through and through and sometimes she makes VERY imaginative things with "trash" (like her homemade circular knitting needles she made from old chopsticks and wire- impressive!).

There has been a bit of an ongoing battle of sorts between Ava and I re. a Cheesball container in her room.  I think it's gross, she is going to make something out of it.  Our concession, after asking her to throw it away numerous times and finding myself in a debate about it's worth, was to make sure it was washed properly and free of crumbs.  Mind you, it still has annoyed me.  Why have an empty Cheeseball barrel in your room?!  It just is calling for the garbage can every time I walk in and it has taken every ounce of self control to not sneak and toss it.

Yesterday I was preparing for Chloe's musical birthday party and I wanted a big drum.  I can't justify ordering one, but I was sort of wishing we had one.  Then I walked into Ava's room.  Instantly noticing the menacing Cheeseball container proudly proclaiming it's spot on her dresser.  Angst filled me, I had to hold my hands back to keep from picking it up and throwing it in the trash...and then it hit me!  "That Cheeseball container looks awfully drum like", I thought to myself.

So today, I nonchalantly (feeling totally sheepish inside)asked Ava, "Hey Ava, would you mind if I used that Cheeseball container for a drum at Chloe's party?"  She confidently said, "Oh Sure Mom!  It makes a great drum."  As I walked out the door, she cheerfully added, "See mom, take it from me- you just never know when you are going to need something."  AYE!  I think I just took two steps back in my decluttering battle....but I do have a "drum" for Saturday;)


  1. See Mom? Hahahaha!

    I wish I'd been able to find a good use for the pyramid of Mountain Dew cans our oldest insisted on building upon in his bedroom a few years ago. I never did understand that one. But he eventually got over it and parted ways with them. :)

  2. LOVE this story ... still bummed that Lydia is going to miss the party! Hope Chloe has a great time and feels celebrated!!!!!

  3. Heather- it just means we'll have to get the families together another Saturday and start a budding two year old friendship;)