Monday, June 4, 2012

Adoption Update

Today we had our big referral phone call.  This was a couple hour conference call with marc, our director and myself.  She asked us lots of personal questions about ourselves and parenting and then asked questions about our children.

We were pretty sure of a few things before the phone call.  Though a "wall flower" might seem easier, the best thing for a shy child would probably NOT be our home.  We have three extremely active and outgoing children.  While that drains energy from a mama, we don't want our next child to get lost in the mix.  Of course, we'd take every effort to draw that child out, give attention, etc. but we are aware that it might not be the best match.  She affirmed that.  She also said something that CRACKED me up.  "You guys are a special family.  A child with a high verbal IQ is akin to a special need and that is a great match for your family."  LOL.  Who knew?!

We had been told to be prepared for an immediate referral if there was one.  Be prepared basically means "be ready to send the funds".  Upon referral you write you LARGE check....not that we haven't enough checks already;)  This check is the bulk of your adopton cost, however.  So we were prepared....and hopeful.  I so want the face and name for the love ever growing in my heart.

We did not get a referral today.  She does not have an immediate match.  She did say she'd prefer to place siblings because we live in a homogenous area, but will also place a single child with us since our plan would be to adopt a second Haitian child later (we recognize the need to a child to feel like someone else in their family looks like them).  So we'll see...

She does have children in the orphanage that she has not yet had the priviledge of meeting and assessing.  She will be traveling in a couple weeks.  Of course, we hope our child(ren) are there....but we also don't want to rush anything.  God is in control.  He has plans for our life and the life of our children so we wait in anticipation and expectation.  Praying continually.

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  1. Your and Marc's faith in all this and perspective is a true testament to those who read this... praying for you all on this journey!