Monday, June 4, 2012


My friend Chloe emailed a little over a week ago to see if our teeny covenant circle could somehow get together last minute.  Her husband had been out of the country for two weeks and was offering her a break.  She wanted to spend it with us, if possible.  Rox just returned from living in Africa for four years (we have seen her twice in that time) and Dre and I have connected by phone but I haven't seen her since before Christmas.  By some crazy chance (otherwise known as God's sovereignty), we were all available.  Wow- one night refreshed me more than I could ever express.  These ladies KNOW me- my strengths and weaknesses and they love me deeply.  We encourage one another and we challenge one another.  We all desperately want to live lives soley to glorify Jesus.  Our lives are all so different...but we are bonded in the Spirit.  Rox is a better writer than I am...check our her post and pic's...and while your there, surf around her blog and be remind of the wonders God can do when someone offers him their life;)

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  1. Kim- so awesome we BOTH called this post something about being known- so what I felt and that was a BIG deal! IS a big deal- u are always such a blessing to me! Thanx and did you wear yoru beads yet?