Monday, June 11, 2012


Thursday was Ava's last day of Kindergarten.  Wow!  The mere thought brought tears to my eyes as the day approached.  Time seemed to be slipping through my fingers.  I started to realize Ava was picking up on my angst, though I had not expressed my nostalgia.  I realized she was confused about how she should feel.  I decided I wanted to help her celebrate, not mourn time's passing.  We started to count down the days and when Thursday came the excitement was palpable.  Wouldn't you know it, the change in perspective was good for me, too!  I was thrilled for Ava and beaming with pride at the ways my little girl has grown this year.

 Her last day as a Kindergartener...

 Ava's classroom theme this year was owls, so I found this cute little owl template on pinterest....

Here's the backside...but wanna know the best part?...her teacher is a Pinterest browser too and she made these for the kids, so we brought ours back home;) It was really difficult to have an excuse to have Hershey bars lying around;)

Ava and Mrs. V.  (Ava brought her flowers, she had all the kids sign beach balls for one another that said, "I Had a Ball in Kindergarten".  I am so thankful for this woman.  I've alluded to some difficulties Ava had in Kindergarten.  Mrs. V was amazing.  Ava learned not everyone is kind, but Mrs. V helped her learn to advocate for herself in really tough situations and reminded her that she could decide how to react.  I really love this woman for loving my baby girl.

 Summer= time for beach going!!!  I'll take any excuse for making cute cupcakes;)

I wrote "Welcome to Summer" on the Slip and Slide...

 See that speck to the left of the tree...that is Ava.  She brings new meaning to the term "a running start"

 Chloe ran around the slip and slide...but never on it;)

 My Pride and Joy!

I love this picture, because right before she struck this pose she said, "Do you want a picture of me as a First Grader?";)

Our Watertable...thankfully though it's aimed at preschool age, Ava still loves to play in it with her siblings;) 


Forget the small bottles, in honor of summer, I stocked up;)

 Our Welcome to Summer Dinner  (Hog Dogs (roasted in fire pit), Baked Beans, Cheetos, Fruit Salad made with mangos and berries, and beach cupcakes)

 I gave each of the kids a Welcome to Summer bucket...

 The best thing in the buckets?  SILLY STRING!

Welcome to summer!


  1. SO cute! Your kids will have such fun memories! I may steal your cupcake idea for Ang's b-day. :-)

  2. love it! will have to copy :) Karla

  3. you have the best ideas girl, seriously I am inspired to do more fun things like this...well once I figure out where my chupis are :) You have to show me the Pinterest thing!